Uniform Policy

All Connecticut Technical High Schools, including Norwich Technical High School, have a mandatory uniform policy. This uniform policy supersedes the dress code policy in the Connecticut Technical Education and Career System student-parent handbook.  A dress code has been found to have a positive effect on school pride, student identity, and safety.


All students, grades 9-12, are required to wear Norwich Tech logo shirts/tops during their academic cycle.  The following choices are available for students:

  • Polo shirts

  • Long and short sleeve dress shirts

  • A lady’s blouse

  • Shirts are available in black, navy blue, and white.


Academic Shirts:

Where do I purchase the required shirts?

Norwich Tech uniform shirts and apparel are only available through our approved vendor, Darter Specialties. You can preview and / or purchase the items at www.norwichclothing.com .  If you prefer, you can also order uniforms over the phone 1-203-699-9805.


Which shirts are worn during the academic cycle?

Students may wear Norwich Tech uniform dress shirts, polo shirts, or a lady’s blouse.  Each is available in long and short sleeve.


How many shirts am I required to purchase?

That is your choice; remember the academic cycle usually runs approximately nine school days and students are required to be an academic uniform each day.


I tend to get cold, can I wear a shirt underneath my Norwich tech academic shirt?

Long or short sleeve T-shirts can be worn under any shirt. The T-shirt must be one of the following plain colors: black, dark/navy blue, white, gray, yellow/gold. T-shirts may not have graphic prints, plaids, or stripes, or other patterns.


Can students where their athletic jersey?

Students may wear their athletic jersey only on game days or the Friday before a weekend game.


Academic Pants:

What style or color pants may I wear?

Casual pants, dress pants, or walking length shorts (Dockers, twill, Chino, corduroy) in navy blue, black, or khaki solid color. Girls may wear skirts (no more than 4 inches above the knee) and Capri pants.  Cargo pants (additional pockets on the pants leg), leggings, jeggings, yoga pants and spandex (or other stretch material) are not approved.


Am I required to purchase pants/skirts through Darter Specialties?

No, pants/skirts may be purchased from Darter Specialties or any store or online vendor. For example Sears, Walmart, Kohl's, and Goodwill.


May I wear jeans?

No. Jeans are only permitted to be worn by freshmen during the exploratory shop cycle.  Some shops choose jeans as part of their shop uniform.  Jeans are never permitted during the academic cycle even if they are in the accepted colors. Jeans are generally made of denim material and have exterior pockets.



What about shoes?

The choice of shoes should be in accordance with the "Student Dress and Grooming Section" of the Parent Student Handbook. Ninth grade students are required to have work boots for all cycles of exploratory.



All coats, jackets, or other attire normally worn as outerwear, including hooded sweatshirts and flannel type shirts are prohibited from wear during the school day, and should be placed in lockers until the end of the school day.  Norwich Tech fleece tops, vests, sweaters, and sweatshirts are approved to be worn during the academic cycle.  Approved outerwear may be purchased from our clothing vendor Darter Specialties at www.norwichclothing.com .


Students choosing to wear a Norwich Tech outerwear item, are still required to wear a Norwich Tech academic uniform shirt underneath.  


Many Norwich Tech athletic teams purchase warm-up or outerwear clothing as part of their athletic team outfit. Students may wear their Norwich Tech athletic outerwear top during the academic cycle.  They may not wear athletic warm-up pants during the academic cycle.


Trade specific outerwear (sweatshirts, jackets) may only be worn in the trade cycle.   


Gym Uniform:

All Norwich Tech students are required to wear a gym uniform during gym class. Gym clothing may only be worn in gym class, not in academic classes.  This uniform may be purchased from our clothing vendor Darter Specialties at www.norwichclothing.com .


Exploratory Uniform:

Ninth grade students are required to purchase and wear an exploratory T-shirt.  Students must wear jeans and workboots in all shops.  Ripped jeans, while stylish, are not permitted in exploratory.  Jeans may be purchased from any retail store.  The exploratory tee-shirt must be purchased from our clothing vendor Darter Specialties at www.norwichclothing.com .


The exploratory uniform is appropriate for wear throughout the ninth grade.  Although some ninth grade students choose to buy the associated shop uniform once they are in their permanent shop, they are not required to buy the shop uniform until 10th grade.  


Career/Technical Education Uniform:

Each trade will send home a detailed uniform policy unique to each shop.  Trade uniforms, including trade outerwear (sweatshirts, jackets) may not be worn during academic cycle.  During the trade cycle students may not have visible jewelry / piercings as it may be a violation of established safety procedures or inconsistent with professional standards.



No hats of any type are permitted during academic cycle or trade cycle.


Student IDs:

Will I be required to wear my student ID badge?

Yes, according to Connecticut Technical Education and Career System Board of Education policy, all students in the technical high school system must wear school issued student ID badges. If a student loses their ID, they are required to purchase a replacement. Replacement cost is five dollars. Failure to wear the currently issued school ID will result in a referral to administration.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to order all of my uniform items at the beginning of the year?

No, you can purchase items as you need them. Typically the vendor requires 2 to 3 weeks for shipping. As cooler weather approaches you may want to purchase a Norwich Tech sweatshirt or polar fleece.


How do I know what size to purchase?

There is a size chart on www.norwichclothing.com. All items are sold in adult sizes.


How much is shipping?

The cost of shipping is calculated by Darter Specialties at their website www.norwichclothing.com .  You may also call Darter Specialties to discuss the shipping charge (203) 699-9805.


What happens if I am not in compliance with the Norwich Tech uniform policy?

Every effort will be made to bring the student into compliance by offering to loan him / her the necessary clothing for the day. Alternatively, a parent or guardian can bring the appropriate clothing to school.  If these efforts are not successful, students may be assigned to detention or suspension.


What if I can't afford to buy an academic or shop uniform?

The student or parent should contact the student's school counselor to discuss what assistance may be available.


The above guidelines are intended to help students comply with the uniform policy.  It is not possible to list every scenario or predict evolving clothing styles.   In all cases, school administration will make the final decision about what is appropriate clothing for school.