Hugh O' Brien Youth Leadership

HOBY is an international organization that promotes leadership skills and networking in high school sophomores. Our vision is to motivate and empower individuals to make a positive difference within our global society through understanding and action, based on effective and compassionate leadership. HOBY's success is the direct result of its 4,000 national volunteers who plan and execute its programs.

Each year, Norwich Tech reviews faculty and staff selected sophomore nominees to choose a HOBY Ambassador and an alternate. All nominees possess superior leadership potential. The Ambassador qualifies for a three-day series of workshops with business and industry leaders, which is sponsored by the Norwich Tech PFO. They also get to network with students from across the state.  

In the fall of 2016, Norwich Tech faculty was asked to nominate 10th grade students that displayed leadership potential, to be invited to participate in an opportunity to become the Norwich Tech Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) Ambassador.  After being nominated, students were given the choice to write an essay to be scored to select the ambassador.  The Norwich Tech HOBY Ambassador will attend a weekend leadership conference in the spring paid for by the Norwich Tech Parent Faculty Organization. 

The following students were recognized as Norwich Tech HOBY nominees:

John Coleman

Stephanie Rivera

Nathanael Padgett

Madison Webb

Edgardo Cruz

Julia Robert

Riley Riewerts

Marissa Madera

Ashlee Cardin

Alea Thigpen

Marissa Madera was selected as the Norwich Tech HOBY Alternate Ambassador

Nathanael Padgett was selected as the Norwich Tech HOBY Ambassador

All wrote impressive essay and should be proud of their recognition as young leaders.

Past HOBY Ambassadors

1990 Ambassador: Brian Cubanski

1991 Ambassador: Erin Rowland

1994 Ambassador: Jacob Cohen

1995 Ambassador: Rebecca Clough

1996 Ambassador: Allen Thibodeau

1997 Ambassador: Norman Schaller

1998 Ambassador: Michael S. Gagnon

1999 Ambassador: Daniel P. Liebal, Jr.

2000 Ambassador: Joseph O'Brien

2001 Ambassador: Zeb Gillette

2002 Ambassador: Brent Fitzgerald

2003 Ambassador: Meredith Allen

2004 Ambassador: Alysia Jarmon

2005 Ambassador: Jacob Bozum

2006 Ambassador: Mason Smith

2007 Ambassador: Shea Ryan

2008 Ambassador: Kayla Miner

2009 Ambassador: Amanda Smith

2010 Ambassador: Carolann Terry

2011 Ambassador: Morgan Deschamps

2012 Ambassador: Ian Proctor

2013 Ambassador: Gabrielle LaFlesh

2014 Ambassador: Monica Haight

2015 Ambassador: Nate Perdomo

2016 Ambassador: Erin McBride

2017 Ambassador: Nathanael Padgett


Krys Konow
Ed Hogan

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