Summer Reading

Norwich Tech Summer Reading 2017-18

As in the past, students will be required to read two books from the appropriate list.  Please read the following carefully:

  • For one of the books you read, you will be required to answer a question to show that you read and understood your book.  In an extended homeroom on Friday, September 1, you will be given five questions from which you will choose one to answer.  It will be hand-written, one page response and completed in the extended homeroom.  Homeroom teachers plus one other Norwich Tech teacher will grade this written component.
  • For the other book, you will be given a list of creative options (see below); choose one of the options to complete over the summer.  It will be turned into your homeroom teacher on Friday, September 1, during the extended homeroom.  Your homeroom teacher will also grade this component.

Choose one of the following due September 1:

1.Cartoon Squares – Create a series of 6 drawing in 6 squares that shows a significant event in the novel.  Write a few lines to explain your drawings.

2.Awards – Create an award for at least 4 characters based on their actions in the novel.  Write a few lines to explain why the person received the award.

3.Music – Divide your book into sections.  Select a piece of music that you feel captures the feel or the tone for each section.  Write down the name of the song, the singer, and print the words or music.  Write a few lines explaining your choices.

4.File a Complaint – Adapt the persona of one of the characters that you feel was portrayed in a sexist or racist manner.  Write up a one-page complaint about how the character was portrayed and what actions you would like the author to take to rectify this bias.

5.Point of View Column – Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper.  Choose a theme or topic from your book.  For example, you could write about the importance of education or family.

6.Voice Mail Message – Select 4-5 characters from your book and write a voice mail message.  It should be based on the character’s actions, tone, relationships and overall personality.  Be as creative as possible.

7.Name Analysis – Select 3-5 characters from your book and look up their names to see what they mean.  Write them down and explain how the name suits the character.

8.Current Events – Select 2-3 current events that the main character in your book might be interested in.  Explain why he/she would be interested and what kind of reaction he/she might have.

9.Community Resources for Characters Look on the internet and make a list of community resources that might help at least 2 characters in your book cope with an issue.  Explain why you chose certain resources.

10.Choose two related topics from your book to research.  Present your findings with a half-page write-up for each topic.

11.Create a timeline for events in the book. (20 events minimum)

12.Choose your favorite passage from the book.  Copy it down and write a page relating it to a theme in the book.

13.Design a travel brochure to illustrate and advertise the “world” in your book.

14.Create a book jacket with an attractive picture, information on the author, and information on other books the author has written.  Write an original summary on the back.

15.Design a poster (on poster paper) about your book.  Be creative and try to persuade others to read your book.

16.Create a test with essay, multiple choice, and matching (at least 25 questions) with an answer key.

17.Write a eulogy for the main character.  Use examples from the book to create a memory for the person.

18.Make a collage on poster paper to illustrate one of the themes of your book. Write the theme somewhere on the collage.

  • Both assignments are graded pass/fail.
  • Summer Reading grades for 9th and 10th will be part of their LA Lab grade.
  • Summer Reading grades for 11th and 12th will be part of their English grade.
  • Also, there is an “Academic Honesty” component.  Students and parents should sign the sheet below agreeing that the student read two books for summer reading and the project created is his/her original work.  It will also be due September 1.

Summer Reading Requirements and Academic Honesty Agreement

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