As part of graduation requirements, each student is in the process of compiling a trade portfolio, demonstrating the set of skills and competencies required to enter the field, be accepted in apprenticeships, or pursue post-secondary technical studies. Students will have multiple opportunities over the course of their junior and senior years (as a part of Senior Portfolio, English classes, as well as the trade curriculum) to complete their trade technology portfolio. They will begin the process as early as their freshman year, however. The trade/technology portfolio contains documentation including a resume, academic and trade accomplishments, certification, awards, written responses and reflections. Throughout the process, instructors will stress the importance of quality. This project is a culminating activity in students’ time here at Norwich Technical High School.

By our very nature as a technical school, we do provide career focus for all students, but within the larger structure we need a vehicle that will allow and urge students to:

  • Increase their personal investment in their education
  • Develop educational and professional goals
  • Plan and follow a career pathway through prudent course selection
  • Strengthen their non-academic-technical skills for the workplace
  • Develop a portfolio to showcase their accomplishments