Adams, Daniel
Instructor, Automotive
860-889-8453 x2136
Allen, David
Instructor, Social Studies
860-889-8453 x2169
Allen, Michelle
Instructor, Mathematics
860-889-8453 x2141
Bailey, Seth
Instructor, Music
860-889-8453 x2154
Barstow, Jennifer
Fiscal Administrative Assistant
860-889-8453 x2103
Bentley, Jason
Department Head, Culinary Arts
860-889-8453 x2130
Benzing, Kelley
Instructor, English
860-889-8453 x2173
Biren, Susan
Department Head, Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship
860-889-8453 x2131
Bliven, Paul
Instructor, Plumbing and Heating
860-889-8453 x2140
Briggs, Jennifer
School Nurse
860-889-8453 x2149
Buonocore-Hay, Tamara
Assistant Principal
860-889-8453 x2155
Burnside, Cathy
General Ed. Department Head, English
860-889-8453 x2124
Cascione, Lisa
Department Head, Special Education
860-889-8453 x2177
Cervera, Jack
Dean of Students
860-889-8453 x 2119
Concascia, Donald
860-889-8453 x2198
Crandall, Coral
Main Office Secretary
860-889-8453 x2108
Deal, Nicole
Instructor, Special Education
860-889-8453 x2101
DeCosta, Heidi
Instructor, Mathematics
860-889-8453 x2189
DeLong, Virginia
Department Head, Student Services
860-889-8453 x2113
DeLucia, Joseph
Instructor, Mathematics
860-889-8453 x2116
DeLucia, Timothy
Instructor, Physical Education/Health
860-889-8453 x2191
DiGangi, Monica
Instructor, English
860-889-8453 x2187
Dubreuil, Rachel
Instructor, Social Studies
860-889-8453 x2174
Dunbar, Jessica
Head Cook
860-889-8453 x2120
Edwards, Suzanne
Instructor, Mathematics
860-889-8453 x2171
Elezi, Niki
Instructor, Mathematics
860-889-8453 x2139
Elliott, Lisa
Department Head, Health Technology
860-889-8453 x2144
Elton, Sarah
Instructor, Science
860-889-8453 x2117
Farnsworth, Susan
Department Head, Hairdressing and Cosmetology
860-889-8453 x2153
Feldman, Carrie
Instructor, Mathematics
860-889-8453 x2129
Fiasconaro, Peter
Department Head, Automotive Technology
860-889-8453 x2137
Goyette, Donna
Assistant Principal
860-889-8453 x2115
Haggerty, Randie
Instructor, English
860-889-8453 x2164
Hallman, Priscilla
Instructor, Health Technology
860-889-8453 x2145
Harvey, Lorrie
Instructor, Literacy
860-889-8453 x2190
Hayes, Emily
Instructor, Art
860-889-8453 x2160
Hill, Tina
Instructor, Hairdressing and Cosmetology
860-889-8453 x2152
Hogan, Edward
Instructor, Social Studies
860-889-8453 x2167
Jones, Lance
Building Maintenance Supervisor
860-889-8453 x2122
Jones, Thomas
Department Head, Graphics Technology
860-889-8453 x2127
Juber, Juliana
Instructor, Science
860-889-8453 x2186
Kaminski, Tiffani
Instructor, Biotechnology
860-889-8453 x2176
Kelly, John
Department Head, Carpentry
860-889-8453 x2134
Kollias, Katharine
Instructor, Music
860-889-8453 x2156
Konow, Krystin
860-889-8453 x2112
Koziol, Lori
Instructor, Health Technology
860-889-8453 x2246
Krodel, Deborah
Instructor, Special Education
860-889-8453 x2150
Krodel, Timothy
Instructor, Physical Education/Health
860-889-8453 x2165
Lachendro, Adam
Instructor, Physical Education/Health
860-889-8453 x2146
Lamitie, Jamie
Department Head, Electrical
860-889-8453 x2133
Levesque, Mary Ellen
School Psychologist
860-889-8453 x2178
Lickwola, Kimberly
860-889-8453 x2110
Luca, Patricia
Instructor, English Language Learners
860-889-8453 x2211
Markovitz, Regina
Instructor, Mathematics
860-889-8453 x2203
Mayer, Janet
Student Achievement Intervention Lab (SAIL)
860-889-8453 x2162
Miller, Jaime
Social Worker
860-889-8453 x2114
Minei, Sarah
Instructor, Special Education
860-889-8453 x2158
Nielsen, Athena
Instructor, English
860-889-8453 x6372
Pearson, Amanda
860-889-8453 x2104
Pecoraro, Louis
Instructor, Social Studies
860-889-8453 x2175
Pelloni, Aleatha
Instructor, Biotechnology
860-889-8453 x2179
Pfarr, Kristin
Instructor, Mathematics
860-889-8453 x2201
Pinch, Pamela
Instructor, Physical Education/Health
860-889-8453 x2147
Puccio, Gilda
Related Ed. Department Head, Mathematics
860-889-8453 x2123
Puckette, Kerry
Instructor, Science
860-889-8453 x2161
Radlo, Rick
Instructor, Social Studies
860-889-8453 x2168
Ramos, Sarah
Instructor, Culinary Arts
860-889-8453 x2249
Rivera, Maricela
Spanish, Instructor
860-889-8453 x2151
Romasanta, Lisa
Library Media Specialist
860-889-8453 x2125
Sabilia, Kristina
Instructor, Science
860-889-8453 x2166
Simmons, John
General Trades Worker
860-889-8453 x2231
Smith, Philip
Instructor, Science
860-889-8453 x2163
Spillane, John
Instructor, Electrical
860-889-8453 x2105
Stawski, Raymond
Instructor, Carpentry
860-889-8453 x2138
Stockton, Russell
Department Head, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
860-889-8453 x2126
Todd, Ernest
Instructor, Pre-Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics
860-889-8453 x2159
Trehy, Daniel
Department Head, Plumbing and Heating
860-889-8453 x2143
Velez, Laura
Instructor, Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship
860-889-8453 x2132
Wagner, Kristoffer
Instructor, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
860-889-8453 x2142
Watt, Julie
Instructor, Graphics
860-889-8453 x 2240

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