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Instructor, Graphic Design
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Connecticut Technical Education and Career System’s Graphics Technology course breakdown by grade. Each student is required to complete four years of a Career Technical Education program.

Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
3 Credits 3 Credits 3 Credits 3 Credits
Exploratory and Introduction to Graphics Technology Graphic Communication Fundamentals Graphic Communication Production Graphic Communication Advanced Processes

Industry Certifications

  • OSHA 10 General Industry
  • Adobe Certified Associate
    • Photoshop
    • Indesign
    • Illustrator
  • Precision Exams
  • NOCTI Job Ready Exam for Graphic Production

Program Standards

  • Demonstrate safety skills while working on computers and on production equipment
  • Develop an Awareness of Career Opportunities and Professionalism in Graphic Design and Digital Media
  • Explore fundamentals related to graphic design and digital media
  • Creative and visual problem-solving skills are utilized and refined
  • Demonstrate skills in 2d and 3d design
  • Create Graphic and Multimedia Design Projects
  • Interact with customers in developing and refining projects based on their needs
  • Demonstrate skills in typography and page layout
  • Demonstrate effective use of color and advanced color theory in design
  • Utilize Adobe programs as standard in technologically innovative industry

Students who decide to enter the field of Graphics Technology in Grade 9 begin by learning the fundamentals of graphic design and printing. Each year students will cover shop safety before working on their first assigned project. Students will become familiar with the shop layout, machinery, tools, and gain a basic understanding of the Adobe Creative Suite. For their first year, students will begin to learn trade specific language, paper stock weights, ink types, typography terminology and bindery techniques.

In Grade 10, Graphics students will expand their abilities in layout, typography and design. Students will be asked to primarily use Adobe InDesign and Illustrator to complete many of their assignments. Students will be offered the opportunity to work on production work, as well as school-based production work; including but not limited to photography, printing, and working one-on-one with teachers and faculty. Graphics students will learn printing fundamentals such as CMYK vs RGB, color theory, post production skills and job pricing.

In Grade 11, Graphics students will further their knowledge of typesetting and typography. Student will be challenged with learning new planning techniques, participate in multiple group projects, and experiment using new mediums. Midway through the year Graphics students will expand their Adobe software knowledge using Adobe Animate (Flash) while creating animations. Students will begin learning how to present their projects to the class. Eligible students who obtain employment in the field are also able to participate in the school’s work-based learning program (WBL)

*more information can be found on our main website regarding the WBL program

In Grade 12, Graphics students will be challenged with advanced Graphic Design and Digital Media production as well as hands-on training for real-world, industry-ready employment.

The main components of the Senior year include:

  1. Create a freelance business-ready body of work with Personal Branding collateral. Students can start their own freelance business mid-year upon completion.
  2. Explore and complete a self-chosen Independent Study / Senior Capstone project.
  3. Complete a co-curriculum class with Three Rivers Community College for three college credits.
  4. Participate within NT’s in-house Graphic Design Advertising agency titled “Imagine Graphics.”
[The Personal Branding will allow students to embark on creating their own brand, portfolio, and website, and have an opportunity to begin their own Freelance business prior to completion of their Senior year.

The Independent Study / Senior Capstone Project allows an opportunity for the student to focus on a personally chosen track within the field such as: Web Design / Development, Motion Graphics, Photography, Video / Video Editing, Advanced Graphic Design, Social Media management, and Digital Media.

The TRCC college credit is taught in conjunction with the NT curriculum for college level training, and credit is transferable to ANY college upon successful completion.

In addition to personal work for individual growth, Senior year students will participate in NT’s in-house Graphic Design Advertising agency, “Imagine Graphics.” Each student will have a work title and daily expectations; participate in client consultation and production,  project creation and completion for “real life” hands-on life learning and skill development in the industry.]

Graphics student’s experience in the Adobe Creative Suite will be increased even further as they explore programs such as Adobe Premiere and After Effects for video / sound editing and animation. Presentation skills are solidified and benefit the Portfolio graduation requirement. By year end students will have a solid understanding of the entire design process from start to finish including how to work with client requests, pricing out jobs, design, printing, and packaging.

After completing the Graphic Design and Digital Media program at NT, students will be prepared to enter both the workforce or continue their education in a 2 or 4 year college with a tremendous foundation in the field of Graphic design, digital media & printing.

Students successfully completing this course of study will be able to pursue a two-year graphics design degree at colleges and universities or go on to a four-year degree in graphics design. Students can obtain immediate employment in the graphics field. Jobs include: layout assistant, pre-press production, advertising and quality control. Students graduating from Graphics Technology also find success in the military in fields such as communications and public affairs.