Student Activities and Clubs

It’s important to give students a chance to interact outside of the classroom and extracurricular activities and organizations are a great way to do that. Norwich Technical High School has a wide-range of options including everything from student council and National Honor Society to archery and jewelry making.

Current Clubs and Activities

Archery Club
Students will be shooting at the Norwich Archery Club. Cost: $10.00 per club day. Students must provide their own bow and arrows.

Art and Wellness Club
Art can be very therapeutic and relaxing. Come down to the art room and work on a current project or try something new, either way, relax and make art in a chill environment. Some of us may even do a little yoga in between brush strokes and throwing on the pottery wheel.

Board Games Club
Come spend club day competing against your friends in a variety of board games. We don’t have what you want to play? Feel free to bring in your own appropriate board games to play the time away.

Book Club
We meet in the library and decide together which titles we will read during the club day activities. We hope you will take the opportunity to read a variety of books solely for enjoyment.

Bowling Club
Bowling Club will take place at the Norwich Ten Pin. It will be limited to 60 students and will be filled on a seniority basis. The cost is $6, which includes shoes and games.

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

Fishing Club
Come fish in various ponds and rivers around Norwich. This club is limited to students who will remain under the age of 16 until June.

Fitness Club
Get in some workout time during the school day. Join us for a workout in the fitness center and some group workouts to increase your energy and feel good about yourself.

Gardening Club
Evaluate, propose, modify and enhance vegetative environment of Norwich Tech.

GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) Club
The GSA is made up of students of all backgrounds regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Their goal is to support each other, spread the idea of acceptance, and help to create a safe community at Norwich Tech for all students.

Hacky Sack Club
Come on out and try to beat Mr. Kelly in a hacky sack competition. Share tricks that you’ve learned and help other so you can learn from each other.

Hike to Fish Club
Bring your fishing gear, hike to Mohegan Park Pond, and spend your club day fishing with friends.

Hiking Club
Hiking in Mohegan Park at a brisk pace, usually approximately three miles. Club time offers a chance to exercise, enjoy nature, visit with friends and visit the playground.

HOBY (Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership)
An international organization that promotes leadership skills and networking in high school sophomores.

Jam Band Club
This club is for students who want to learn more about popular music and play with other students who have the same interests. This club is designed for students that play the guitar, bass, drums and piano or like to sing.

Jewelry Making Club
Join the jewelry club to make jewelry for yourself or for gifts. No experience needed. Don’t want to make jewelry? Learn to make other beaded decorations like pins, hair clips, decorative flowers and more.

Magic the Gathering Club
In a game of Magic, two or more players are engaged in the game of cards. A player starts the game with twenty “life points” and loses when he or she is reduced to zero. Players lose life points when they are dealt “damage” by being attacked with summoned creatures of when spells or other cards cause them to lose life directly. A player can also lose if he or she must draw from an empty deck (called the “library” during the game). In addition, some cards specify other ways to win or lose the game.

Movie Club
Come join some friends and enjoy a variety of movies throughout the year. Choose your favorite genre and have a great time.

National Honor Society
The National Honor Society is an organization promoting recognition for students with outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership and service.

Open Gym Club
Basketball, dodge ball, organized games and free play.

Paper Air Rockets Club
Learn about rocket physics and build and launch paper rockets with a compressed air launcher. These rockets can travel very far, so put your engineering skills to the test and build paper rockets that go higher and farther than your friend’s rockets.

Robotics Club
Club members will design and build robots of various types and sizes using VEX robot design sets. We will hold robot competitions amongst club members and possibly attend regional robot competitions. We will also be designing and building a full size robot.

Skateboarding Club
Join Skateboarding Club and come skate with us at the Norwich Skate Park. Enjoy some time outside skating during the school day.  

Come use your club time to practice and prepare for the SkillsUSA competition. Interested in competing in Skills for the first time? Check out

Spanish Club
If you speak Spanish or would you like to learn it, and are interested in Spanish culture, food, dance, music, festivals and history then this is the club for you.

Student Council
The Student Council represents the voice of the students in the democratic management of student affairs at Norwich Technical High School. It is the organization through which the administration, faculty and staff, as well as the student body cooperate in addressing the concerns of the school.

T-Hot (Teens Helping Others Today) Club
The T-HOT Club (Teens Helping Others Today) gives students the opportunity to do service activities in a group with other students. Projects will have impact on a local, national and global level.

Video Game Design Club
The Video Game Design Club is intended for students who wish to explore applications and tools available to begin creating video games. It is our hope that we can find and utilize resources, teach and learn from each other. Opportunities may include graphic creation, animation, storyboarding, programming or other relevant topics.

Video Gaming Club
Animators and video gamers can gather to exchange tips, ideas, discuss new digital technologies and play video games.

Volleyball Club
Do you love to play volleyball or want to learn from the best and play with the best? Then Volleyball Club is for you.

Wellness Club
The Wellness Club is a place to learn ways to de-stress and live a happier, healthier life. Come share in the experience of a variety of therapeutic healing modalities.

Yearbook Club
Be part of the group who designs the annual yearbook. Work will be done online, at home and during club days.